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Like never before you are being asked to find a kind of resilience that you have never been called forth to
Yes please! I'm up for more thriving

Shannon B - Thrive Factor Founder - Cheerleader for YOU thriving!

Let's talk Intentional Permission Activation

+ Thriving As A Revolution

+ get you introduced to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes of The Thrive Factor Framework, an archetypal framework changing the way women see & interact with themselves & the world

meet our phenomenal thrive focused conversationalists

Jenny Cole - Thrive Factor Profiler, Coach, Cheerleader

Let's Talk Thrive Factor & Positive Psychology

Kim Herman - Thrive Factor Profiler - Midnset Transformationalist

Let's Talk Mindset & Spirit Transformation

Caroline Smith - Thrive Factor Profiler - Profit Strategist

Let's Talk Thrive Factor & Practical Money, Mindset, Profits

Stasha Washburn -  The Period Coach & Champion of the Womb

Let's talk about FLOW & Loving Your Body No Matter What

Swapna Thomas - The Insightful Content Queen

Let's Generating Magnetism By Being & Sharing 100% YOU

Laura Jeffery - Freedom Focused Coach

Let's talk Magnetic Passive Income, Memberships & Community

Aesha Kennedy - Creativity Mentor

Let's talk Shakti Power + Creative Feminine Energy

Liesel Albrecht - Ultimate Retreat Experience Queen

Let's talk Retreats &  Magically Transformation

Mignon Lee-Warden - Magical Sound Weaver

Let's talk The Transformative Power Of Sound & It's Ability To Ground Your Essence

Radzy Cassidy - Joy Alchemist

Let's talk Choosing Joy & Embracing ALL You've Got To Offer

Melanie Midegs - Chakra Philosophy Creator

Let's talk Practical Use of Chakra Philosophy

Kerryn Slater - Inspired Spiritual Leadership

Let's talk Spiritual Practices To Nuture The Soul

Yes please! I'm up for more thriving

Linda Reed-Enever - The Original Ideas Girl

Let's talk Ideas To Reality & Creating An Engaged Community

Tammie Pike - Magic Seeker & Mentor For a Magical Life

Let's talk The Magic Of Being You

Sam Winch - Course Creation Maven

Let's Talk Turning Your Magic Into Courses

Susi Kaeufer - The Mindset Queen

Let's talk Mindset Journaling for Abundance

Christina Cabrera - Money Muse

Let's Talk Money Mindset, The Money Smart Woman Way

Amy Towle - Queen at The Temple Of She

Let's Talk Getting To Know Your Sensual Self

Danielle Hobson - Mum's In Business

Let's Talk The Mum Business Juggle & Making It Easier

Jo Johnson - Writing & Book Coach

Let's Talk Capturing The World With Your Story

Helen Hart - Thought & Soul Alchemist

Let's Talk Brain Magic & Practical Neiroscience

Bronwen Sciortino - Simplicity Expert

Let's Talk Truly Knowing & Being Enough

Jay Crisp Crow - Word Magician

Let's Talk Transforming Your Self View & The Art Of Being Totally You!

Kat Blake  - Sleep Queen

Let's Talk Self Care, Sleep & Stress Management For A Invigorated Life

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meet your Thrive Factor Summit hostess Shannon B

Thriving is a genuine right available to every woman in the world and I stand by this statement 100%!

Thank you for joining us for The Thrive Factor Summit for 2020. I know what you'll find below will enrich your life, business or career in oodles of ways and I am honoured to be able to share these incredible women with you.

I'm a super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration-seeking, chai loving, stand up paddleboard addict, ocean seeking mermaid who also loves to paint! You may also know me as Shannon Bush but now husband free I have dropped the 'ush' so I can B more of all I was destined to B!

As an international award-winning businesswoman and author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, my business has afforded me heart overflowing experiences time and time again. This book introduces women to an archetypal framework I created in 2010 that is genuinely changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

Think of The Thrive Factor as psychology meets practical self awareness meets business/career meets meeting a desire for more from life. In 2019 I opened Thrive Factor School and now teach other women in business the art of Thrive Factor profiling so the thrive revolution can reach as many women as possible across the world.

As well as championing women to thrive in life, business and career I spend oodles of time working in the capacity of a blend of coach, mentor, teach and cheerleader.

My fav people to work with are dynamic adventurous women searching for more (yep, that's likely YOU!) and I adore what happens when they connect with their innate Thrive Factor profile and then unlock their effortless success zone and its unique permission giving activation to be – be bigger, be bolder, be brighter!

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world

For women in business it stands to provide the edge you've been looking for!

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